Widgetizing themes

Widgetizing themes

Often as an MU admin, we see a theme we like, or a user wants to use, but it's not widgetized. Rest easy, as widgetizing a theme is quite easy once you know how. I promise it takes longer to read through the instructions than it does to actually do it.

I was really pleased to see this post from Theme Lab explain the process of widgetizing a theme in heaps of detail, including making widget areas in places other than the sidebar. My mind is churning at the possiblities.
To be fair, there's been only a handful of themes I can think of that were difficult if not impossible to widgetize because of sidebar structure (one had TABLES, seriously). Most of the time, it's a snap. If it's not, I drop the theme or recode the sidebar. 😀

While we're on the subject of themes, has anyone got Probama working on a WPMU install? I've tried it on two servers and neither place would recognize that it even existed.

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  • Leland
    Posted at 13:52h, 18 April Reply

    Hey, glad you liked the tutorial! Yes, I tried to put a lot of emphasis on the “widget friendly” portion, because like you said – tables just aren’t going to work, among other things.

  • Darren
    Posted at 15:53h, 18 April Reply

    @Andrea: Probama was actually not designed with widgets in mind, as all the generally widgetized items (archives, etc) are in the footer, thus not very scalable. In retrospect, I should have included optional widget code for folks who don’t mind their widgets in the footer — if there’s time, I will make that change soon.

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