WP-Devel plugin

WP-Devel plugin

I noticed this new plugin which looks like it could be handy - especially if you are tearing your hair out trying to debug issues with WPMU.

Included debug information:

* Show template file viewing
* Display page/query load times
* Display all queries executed w/ load times
* Enable WP_Debug
* Show all phpinfo
* WP_Query and WP array values
* included files
* included functions
* declared classes
* HTTP Headers
* defined constants
* current cookies
* values in $_SERVER
* values in $_ENV
* values in $_SESSION
* values in $_POST
* values in $_GET
* values in $_REQUEST

WP-Devel plugin for wordpress and wordpressmu.

  • Harish Chakravarthy
    Posted at 19:25h, 02 September Reply

    Excellent plugin. Great for trouble shooting.

    I am not able to use this plugin on any blogs but the main blog. I can see header information at http://mydomain but nothing shows up at http://mydomain/blog1 . Looks like I am missing something here.

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