2.7.1 released, and an overview

2.7.1 released, and an overview

WordPressMU 2.7.1 has just been released, and with it a few interesting new features.

First off, in the Site Admin -> Options menu, you can now choose to have new subscribers with no blog, get attached to a specific blog. They have been attached to the main blog, but some people have found that unwieldy. Originally, they weren't attached *anywhere* so they couldn't do things like reset their own password because they had no backend to log in to. Go ahead and blame me for that tract ticket. 😉

Anyway, now you can make your own dashboard blog. Just fill in the name you want, and if it doesn't already exist, it will be created. If you have subscribers on the main blog, they'll be moved.

Under Plugins, the plugin install has been tweaked a little and works pretty smoothly. Viewable only by Site Admins, you can install plugins form the official repository or from a zip. You'll need to enter your ftp credentials. This places plugins in the /plugins/ folder. If some files need to be moved elsewhere, you'll still have to go in via ftp, ssh or your web control panel.

Also new here is an "activate sitewide" link. Any sitewide plugins will show up on a separate "active" list in a light blue. Regular plugins, as you may have seen, show up on an active list in green. Nice touch.

There's a new menu item under Users called My Blog. This is a management page for all the blogs a users owns. And in this latest round, Viperbond's Admin Bar has been removed, since I think it was really only there to give users a way to access other blogs they own. If you just upgrade & overwrite, it may still stick around. (I'm seeing one report of this on twitter as I write this.... oo like a breaking news tweet...)

I noticed when running an earlier beta that the footer link updated to tell me there was a more recent version in trac. This is not the same as the Upgrade menu item in the sidebar. WPMU (and WP) has a "phone home" kind of deal where it reports back to check for new versions. I updated my beta install to another beta, but it hasn't noticed the new release yet. I expect it will whenever the cron is run, so within 24 hours.

Auto update gives you the choice of updating to the latest release, or the latest from the trunk in trac. For reference, it's the branches tag where all the real fun stuff has been going on, not trunk.

This release has taken a long time, mostly to fully straighten out issues with the plugin installer and to squash remaining bugs. Some people have worked really hard on this, so kudos to Donncha, Andy and anyone who helped out with trac tickets.

  • Shelley
    Posted at 12:24h, 22 April Reply

    Thanks for the breakdown. Wasn’t sure if I should rush to upgrade my dev project and didn’t have time to research the fixes/changes myself.

  • ovidiu
    Posted at 13:17h, 28 April Reply

    what do you use as dashboard blog?

    I mean how do you name that particular blog?

    will it appear in sitewide listings?

    does it hurt if I mark it as non-public?

    • andrea
      Posted at 14:55h, 28 April Reply

      Use any blog you want – the suggested one is “dashboard”. It will create it if it doesn’t already exist, and it will move over all subscribers from the main blog to the new dashboard blog, whatever it’s called. See wp.com for an example.

      It will appear in sitewide listings unless you choose the non-public option.

  • dana
    Posted at 03:47h, 07 May Reply

    I used the dashboard blog setting to create a new global blog for new user who doesn’t have blog yet. But why this global blog cannot be visit? The url will always be redirected to http://xxx.myblog.com/wp-admin/(just example). But if I leave the setting as blank, my main blog http://myblog.com can be visited correctly.

    The problem has made me feel upset.

    What else should I do? Thanks a lot.

  • Chris Cree
    Posted at 08:39h, 07 May Reply

    Great writeup on the improvements to WPMU, Andrea. I miss the Admin Bar, but I get why Donncha took it back out of the core.

    One note on your write-up, I’m seeing the “My Blogs” menu under “Dashboard” and not under “Users”. Not sure if this is a change from Beta or not as I didn’t mess with the Beta at all this round.

    • andrea
      Posted at 14:39h, 10 May Reply

      Yeah, they switched it by the time it was released. 🙂 I had done most of the post and the screenshots ahead of time.

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