ComLuv Beta

ComLuv Beta

In October 2008, CommentLuv won first place in the WPMU plugin contest. The beta test for the WP/WPMU 2.7 version of the plugin begins tomorrow. The beta test will involve a limited number of blogs including WPMU Tutorials. If you want a preview of what a commenter will see with the new version, have a check of the comments on this post and leave a comment.

You can keep up on the progress toward release by visiting the dev blog. Andy's (the dev) personal blog also carries CommentLuv news.

Andrea & I have had the pleasure of working with Andy over the last few months building the latest version of CommentLuv. The new CommentLuv comes with a new look, a new API, additional features and a new name: The ComLuv network. One of the new features is a blog network powered by WPMU. Members of the blog network have the ability to add up to 5 ComLuv sources including one twitter account and one digg account.

The development work for the ComLuv network was distributed among the three of us where Andy wrote the plugins for several blog platforms, Andrea put together the ComLuv Blog Network, and I wrote the server API for the plugin and an API for the ComLuv blog network to interact directly with the ComLuv server.

From a personal perspective, this project has been a great deal of fun. Most development projects are not built from the ground up. The server API and the corresponding handshaking with the plugin and other APIs are all new and coded from scratch. Excepting a few requirements and working through the handshaking with the comment plugins, the design & development of the rest of server API was in my hands. I'm really looking for it to do well.


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