Firefox search engine plugins for WordPress

Firefox search engine plugins for WordPress

Contrary to popular belief, I do not have the entire codex and support forum contents in my head. There are a couple of tools that make searching for WordPress specific information a whole lot faster, and my job as tech support a whole lot easier.

Even if you're not looking up plugins and codex references for clients, customers or users, if you're a dev these may make your job (or hobby) just a little bit faster & easier.

WPLookup and WPseek both look up functions and their usage, both also have their own extensions for the Firefox search box.

WP Codex searches the codex. One less click. 😉

WordPress Plugins is a handy way to search the plugin repo for that one you were trying to remember. (oops, link now busted, great. Alternate is here.)

Both of those are a *lot* faster than simply bookmarking the search page.


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