Network CSS hack

Network CSS hack

In mid-March we had a couple users sign up at our GenesisConnect demo site in short succession. A few hours after the second registration both users posted numerous spam links to the activity stream. A quick check of the access log showed that both users had logged in from the same IP address.

Naturally I spammed both accounts. After I spammed the second account in network admin, it appeared as though the user was not spammed. To double check, I visited the user's BP profile which showed that it had been spammed. Using Firebug I found that the alternating table CSS was overriding the site/user status CSS.

I edited /wp-admin/css/ms.css to tweak the status CSS so it wouldn't be overridden. Once I had a fix, I checked WordPress trac and found an existing ticket for the same issue. The ticket now has patches to fix the issue. However, those patches did not make it into WP 3.1.1.

With a bit of further research I found that the change was a regression in an attempt to make the CSS global in this patch which has a second minor slip. The patch changed #faa to #faafaa. However #faa is a short form of #ffaaaa not #faafaa. Both the above issues are fixed in [download#25]. Upload it to wp-admin/css/ms.css.

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