Site of the week: Edublogs

Site of the week: Edublogs

Sometimes the hard part of picking a site for the week isn't finding an actual good site, it's deciding what one to showcase next! James whined and cried a little so I said alright.

Seriously though - if you're looking for MU-based sites blazing a path forward, you have to keep your eye on Edublogs, especially if you are in education.  James and Andrew have also been key contributors to the WPMU community at large. There's so many things to mention I'm not surewhere to even start and I'll probably forget a ton of things.

Design - clean, content-based, non-distracting. Plenty of goodies on the main page.

Support/ease of use - TONS of support, even video tutorials and helpful icons. I've glanced at their support forum and they're doing things right in there too. James has a deep well of patience, I think. 😉 There's FAQs and a support blog with tips. Even the main blog is frequently updated to keep users in the loop.

Features -  here they have tons too. A great selection of plugins (even for podcasting) and a number of premium features.

These guys know their audience because they are also educators. Who better to know what teachers of the future need than... teachers?  As well as being a stand-up kind of guy, James also has a great spirit of learning and sharing. They support the edublog awards and have also started spin-off sites and services like educampus.

I didn't just pick this site because I kind of know James and Andrew from hanging around online, I picked it because it's a darn good site, run by smart people, and all-around very well done. This is the kind of site to watch.

  • Jim
    Posted at 00:44h, 31 March Reply


    Without question a site of the week, if not the year or month. Edublogs is kind of where it begins and ends for WPMu in education. They were working through this over two or three years ago, and are still out there on the bleeding edge. Not much time in real years, but in tech dog years with an application like WP that isn;t that much older it means a lot. They picked the right tool early, and have been reaping the innovative rewards ever since.

  • michael
    Posted at 12:41h, 10 December Reply

    Edublogs seems to be a great initiative. Education and the internet should be going hand in hand. It is great to hear that educators are taking things to the next level like this.

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