Helpful Books

Helpful Books

As extensive as this blog is, it's not near as much fun to curl up with on the couch. Sometimes a book in hand, or close by on the desk, can be exactly what you need. There's also a basic level of WordPress nowledge that this blog assumes one already has.

This week, the WordPress Bible landed in my mailbox.

This thing is HUGE. Also? It goes very in depth. It is not a simple introduction and you dive right in to the deep end of the pool. The first chapter I read was the one on WordPress MU (naturally). Aaron really did a nice job of going over the basics and a lot of WPMU's little quirks. There's a ton of information in here on bulding your own plugin too.

BuddyPress for Dummies - contrary to what you may think, this book is as up to date as was possible. I know Lisa was editing it up to the last, right before it went to print. Open source is a living breathing thing, but overall, if you are new to BuddyPress and really need someone to gently show you the ropes, well you can't get any better than this.

WordPress MU 2.8 is put out by Packt Publishing. While the version says 2.8, almost all of the information is still very relevant. There's a lot of information in here about using certain plugins and editing your theme. It is very much more of as how to and not a why kind of book.

And if you are so new to WordPress in general, you're not even sure how it functions on a single install, I can highly recommend WordPress for Dummies.

Disclaimer: yes, I used Amazon affiliate links. That's pretty much an internet standard these days, but if you've been reading this blog long enough, you know that I only recommend products I truly think are helpful.

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