How to get a zip from trac of recently changes files

How to get a zip from trac of recently changes files

Now that we are familiar with the trac system, how can one get a small zip containing just the needed files that have been recently changed?

First, you need to know what you already have installed. As of this writing, if you have the latest from the download page, you have installed 1.2.5a. This is also listed in the admin footer of your install. In the trac system, you can find tagged version of the code in the "tag" section. (Browse to the source, choose the tag folder instead of trunk.) Scan along that line and you will see a cloumn with the revision number. In the case of 1.2.5a, it is revision 1054.

Remember that number.

Browse back up to the root, choose trunk this time. Near the top right along the menus, choose "Revision Log". Scrolling down, you will note that revision 1054 is not there, but 1053 and 1055 are. That's because 1053 was the last file change before it was tagged as that official release. Making that change (tagging an official version) was the 1,054th change and it was assigned to the tag folder. The next change was a file change in the trunk folder, and thus was 1055.

On the left of the columns are radio buttons. Select the left-most radio button next to number 1055. At the top, the right-hand radio buttons already have the latest change selected. If you don't want to go quite that fare, that's fine. You may only want to go as far as before the most recent WordPress merge*, in this case 1124. So now that we have two radio buttons selected, press the "view changes" button near the top left.

* Typically a WordPress merge means quite a few file changes, so you may want to leave that revision for another seperate time to deal with it.

Depending on how many changes are between your selections, it may take a bit to bring back results. What you will see next is a list of every file that has been changed. The small box in front of each filename is a color status. Yellow means changed, red means deleted and green means added new.

Scrolling a bit further, you will see line-by-line results of recent changes. In our example there's a lot, so feel free to scroll on by. And finally we've reached the bottom of the page, where once again we're greeted with a download link to a zip. This will contain just the changed files between revisions. The directory structure is maintained, so once you've downloaded it and extracted it somewhere, you can easily replace the files in your test bed with a quick drag and overwrite all.

This is a good option if you do not have a local copy to sync with through svn, or you do not want to download the whole entire recent package.


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