Forum cheat sheet

Forum cheat sheet

As the merge comes closer, the forums are winding down. Most of the time, I'm only answering threads that I can do immediately without digging up additional info. That means I also repeat myself quite a bit. In the interest of making sure all those answers are in one place, here's my cheat sheet. It's in a text file on my desktop and I leave it open whenever I jump in the forums.

More tips;
- a link to see all the latest posts to the forums
- the right search page
- in Firefox, use the Linky extension to open all unread threads on that page. Just select down the screen, right-click, open all in new tab. Wait until they load, then grab one & start reading/answering.

godaddy WPMU info

Stopping splogs
Cookies for comments yes it says comment but it does check for splogs too.
Hash cash Same deal. Don't let the mention of comments fool you.
Stoping spam bogs in WPMU

Timthumb and WPMU

wordpress video plugin (probably not needed with 2.9.x)

Importing a single WordPress blog into WordPress MU the direct to database method, because nobody imports like the bava, NOBODY. Use this method for large sites where the usual export /Import is too big or when you want to also pull the users and options.

Handy MU plugins in the repo:
the wpmu tag results page There's been some interesting ones show up lately. Subscribe to the feed tag to keep up.
Sitewide Tags
Unfiltered MU
Donncha's Domain Mapping
Blog topics to categorize the blogs
New blog defaults

How to domain map blogs A writeup I did for WP webhost. This is cpanel-specific.

How to make a page template

Donncha's blog the original (and only) dev of WPMU

Top pages from this here blog:
Installing in a subfolder mostly for previous version, as the 2.9.x branch fixes this
Make a listing of the blogs on your site
Free ebook on how to install WPMU

500 errors and 1and1 webhost If you're having issues installing MU there.

installing on windows

Switch to blog and showing the main blog's nav bar on other blogs. This code goes in the other theme's header.php file.
just before the nav bar code put

right after the navbar code put

then it will always show the pages from Blog #1.
Yes it works for other code, but fair warning - switch to blog can get expensive. Think hard before using it on sites with lots of blogs.

When your permalinks don't work, either mod_rewrite isn't enabled, or isn't explicitly enabled on your vhost in apache. You'll need this line:
AllowOverride FileInfo Options

And the last one: Check your error logs! 😀

  • Kurt Milam
    Posted at 05:03h, 24 February Reply

    Great resource! Bookmarked and retweeted!

  • Jim
    Posted at 18:48h, 24 February Reply

    NOBODY!!!! Wondering where I was getting all the traffic on that post from, it’s you!

  • John Bacon
    Posted at 14:20h, 26 February Reply

    Thanks for the sticky cheats! 🙂

  • Nawaf
    Posted at 03:00h, 28 February Reply


    Can you please help. I would like to list all the users in the blog (I have WordPress MU) but I can not seem to find a plugin to do that. I want to list the users in a dropdown or in a list and have them in the main page.


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