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Buddymatic Theme Framework

I ported Buddymatic from the Thematic Theme Framework. In a standard WordPress or WordPress MU blog, Buddymatic is functionally the same as Thematic. In a BuddyPress enabled WordPress MU install, the BuddyPress components in the framework are activated to provide BuddyPress theme functionality. Buddymatic and child themes can be used on WordPress, WordPress MU, BuddyPress home and BuddyPress member blogs.

Thematic child themes can be used with Buddymatic by changing the template (in style.css) from thematic to buddymatic. The child theme may require additional styling for the BuddyPress components. The framework uses buddypress.css in the child theme for BuddyPress specific css. Included in the download is a sample child theme and Coffee with Friends by Daisy Olsen.



  1. Hi, please sorry my bad english,I´m brazilian.

    First, thanks by Buddymatic! It is great!
    But I have a question. I have an old thematic child theme and I wat to use this. I changed the “Template” to “buddymatic”, but nothing is happen. So, I read in style.css: “change the Template above and import folders below from buddymatic to thematic.”and I dont understand this. It is to replace the files fromthematic with the buddymatic library?


    • Ron

      You put the buddymatic folder in the themes folder. In your thematic child change

      Template: thematic


      Template: buddymatic

      Initially, the child theme will look and feel exactly the same as it did with Thematic. But if you activate BuddyPress the BP functionality will be there. Depending on the child theme you may need to add a buddypress.css to the child theme to style the BP specific components.

  2. Can’t thank you enough for releasign this.. will try it out immediately. Great stuff!

    • Ron

      You’re welcome 🙂

  3. academatic

    thanks Ron and Andrea for being here as MU support, for MU i know three persons Donncha, Andrea and you
    thanks again

  4. Hi there,
    I’ve a somewhat technical question in that though I am running buddypress, now 1.1.3, and have activated the forum, I’m still not seeing the forums tab appear in the sampl-child-theme. WPMU is up to date, but not beta, and bbPress was originally installed separately and integrated. the site…very beta…is, where I’m working on a complete redesign for them.

  5. jeancarlos

    I would like to know if you know where I can find a step by step tutorial on how and what do I need in order to integrate the buddypress functions like members, profile and everithing on my actual WP-Theme.

    I asked you this because I saw some off you post on buddypress forum:

    But I would like to know if it work with the new structure of buddypress and new version.
    Because what I want to do is something like on this page: or

    I’m using WPMU 2.8.6 and the latest buddypress plugin 1.1.3

    Thanks for help me

  6. just curious how to get a copy of your Hybrid/BP theme? It’s not on yet and I thought they would have gotten to it by now.

  7. Denise

    Hi Ron,

    I try to use buddymatic and everything works great, thanx.

    But I have a question;-)

    In the header, there is the searchform and the login/out Link.

    How can I remove it? And put it into the sidebar?

    Thanx, Denise

    • Ron

      That’s coming in BP 1.2. To do that with the current theme would take quite a bit of work.

  8. Denis

    To remove you can use, for instance, jquery. You can use:


    in you functions.php. But to move to the side bar, I don´t know… may be with jquery too.

    sorry my english.


    • Denise

      Thanx to you all,

      i’ll try that…

      …;-)and my englisch is not that good, too

      • Denise

        Okay, i found it:-)

        the part you need to delete is in the buddypress-extension.php:-)

  9. Hello again!

    I have a little problem. Only inthe buddymathic the HTML editor tab don´t work.

    Any idea about this?


    • Ron

      It’s not buddymatic. If you are using moodle based plugins you may have conflicts.

      • Hi, thanks for the suggestion.

        But see, I deactivated all plugins and the problem continues. Any idea what else can I do?

        Thank you!

  10. kaylam

    Can you add a banner at the top of the blog in buddymatic? Where do you go in HTML to insert it?

  11. I have a question on child themes, although I realize it’s a little off-topic for this post, I wasn’t sure where to ask. I’m using Hybrid News, a Hybrid framework child theme on WPMU. It has lots of page templates normally, but under WPMU I can only see the default page template in the drop-down menu. Any ideas how to fix that?

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