by andrea

Delete spam from all blogs

Boone has a nice snippet to toss in mu-plugins to safely delete spam across all network blogs. Which will help you clear up spammy post and comment which could be slowing your site down and poses a major security risk. Please note this is more for intermediate site admins.

by andrea

Another way to stop spam blogs

D’Arcy Norman has figured out a quick htaccess method to stop those sploggers from doing their automated signups. Head on over to his blog for the details.

by andrea

Stopping spam comments sitewide

Spam: it’s a big issue for any blog, but under WPMU you now have a whole network and it increases by a factor of however many blogs you have. And with a dizzying array of spam plugins out there, what’s an admin to do? There’s Akismet, but you may need a license. There’s SK2, which…

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