Multi-Site plugin

We had a plugin here on this page that allowed users of WordPressMU to run multiple instances of mu within one install. This was called multisite. When 3.0 came out, the terminology was changed. And with it, the plugin was updated and moved to a new home. You can now find the Networks Plus plugin at WP eBooks.

This plugin does not enable the network feature. It allows *multiple* networks in one install, after you’ve set multisite up according to the codex instructions.

If you’re looking for domain mapping, you can find it here: Professional Domain mapping.



  1. Thank You

    Just bought the ebook. It is simple and clear.

    I just spent the last three days learning MU and reading all the doco i could find. I have gotten most of the plugins from going now

    This is the most clear thing i have found. I am a reformed trainer and .it was great to get some real docs

    The doc was laid out such that i could scan through it in minutes and didn’t have to squint at a badly formatted text file.

    Only one problem it has a plugin in the zip file.

    I have setup the domain mapper plugin and have this working no problems.

    Was just working through getting the other multisite plugin working

    but now i have seen the doco and its good i am assuming the plugin is as well.

    Can you enlighten me as to the distinction between this plugin and the others?



  2. Incredible. I just set up an MU site using the Domain Mapping plugin from Donncha and thought that was powerful. Seeing this post and reading the differences, and the possibilities basically just blows my mind!

    Great work Ron!

  3. Sounds great, but …

    How is the compatibility to the different versions av WPMU?

    Will it have to be updated on future WPMU upgrades?

    Will it be developed continuesly? What happens when WPMU get upgraded but the plugin will not?

  4. “How is the compatibility to the different versions av WPMU?”

    It works with both 2.6.X and 2.7. I have not tested it with 1.5.X, but I expect that it would work with that version as well.

    “Will it have to be updated on future WPMU upgrades?”

    With any plugin, there is no guarantee that the author will be in a position to update the plugin.

    “Will it be developed continuesly?”

    Unlike much of the software that is released, this plugin was thoroughly tested and in use before I wrote the e-book. I’ve had feedback from approx half the people who have purchased it. All have indicated that the plugin works as described without issue.

    “What happens when WPMU get upgraded but the plugin will not?”

    The main functionality of the plugin is to add and delete sites. Once the sites are created, the only thing the plugin does is ensure that the admin user remains a site admin on all sites. The basic functionality around managing site admin access has not changed since WPMU 1.0 and I do not expect significant change to that functionality in the foreseeable future.

    The code to upgrade WPMU sites from WPMU version to WPMU version is in WPMU. Any sites created with this plugin would be upgraded using the upgrade functions in WPMU.

  5. Hello,

    How much would you ask to implement it on my server ?
    Is it possible to restrict the possibility to create other blogs once it’s mapped ?

  6. The install process is adding the plugin to the mu-plugins folder and making a minor edit to your wp-config.php. If you have done both of those before, you probably would not have any problem installing the plugin.

    Yes, blog creation can be restricted. Only site admins of the main site have access to the Sites admin page. The site admin(s) of the additional sites are the admin user and the user who created the site (if it is someone other than the admin user). When each additional site is created, the site options are set so that only site admins can create blogs and users.

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