1. That’s cool, I do the exact same thing to modify the sign up page. I use jQuery to change the text and layout as well. Example

    if(location.pathname == ‘/wp-signup.php’) {
    jQuery(“label[for=’password’] ~ p:first”).css(“visibility”,”hidden”);
    jQuery(“label[for=’blogname’]”).html(“Website Domain:”);
    jQuery(“label[for=’blog_title’]”).html(“Band Name:”);
    jQuery(“label[for=’blog_public_on’] “).css(“visibility”,”hidden”);
    jQuery(“label[for=’blog_public_off’] “).css(“visibility”,”hidden”);
    jQuery(“label[for=’blog_title’] ~ p:first”).css(“display”,”none”);
    jQuery(“.suffix_address ~ strong:first”).css(“display”,”none”);

  2. Are there any good plugins you know of that make it easy to change the core functionality of registering for a WPMU site? Specifically, I’m looking to figure out how to add an option where you specify which MU blogs you want to be added to.

    • venug

      I w’d like to have the same option. Did you get any solution?

  3. kunal

    Does this work with Buddypress too?

    Do you have any examples of really great registration pages?


    • andrea

      BuddyPress has its own registration page that pulls from the theme itself.

  4. Nice job! Very very nice.

  5. Kobby Owusu

    Hi guys,

    Love this but I need help with a tweak.

    I am trying to use jquery to add a class to the submit button on the register page, so it is better styled.

    The plain buttons for my theme is horrible….

    Added a script block after the Style block you have and added this;


    Didn’t work. Any thoughts?

    • andrea

      I’d just add the extra css to the plugin itself.

      • Kobby Owusu

        That was my initial approach but realised the CSS to produce the button effects spans a lot of lines and some classes come from a CSS framework file..

        It still makes sense to use this approach, add the CSS to the plugin itself, so I will keep at it.

        Thanks for the quick response.

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