1. Ron.. you are great! thk U.

  2. Woot! Thx Ron!

  3. michael

    Thanks for your great work.

    I have recently come to use SharDB to scale out our WordPress MU installs. Am currently trying to get it working on one of our sites.

    Our database setup is Master -> Slave via replication. It works great when I don’t use the add_slave function in db-settings.php, eg going to the master server as defined in wp-config.php.

    When I use add_slave, all functions seem to send back “Array”, eg in the html title of the site, search box. Also, it just keeps printing out “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria” regardless.

    Do you have any suggestions? This is on a completely new install of WordPress I believe I have sharded the DB ok as it works fine connecting to the master only.

    Here’s my db-settings.php config:

    $shardb_hash_length = 1;
    $shardb_prefix = ‘wpmu_’;
    $shardb_dataset = ‘dbset’;
    $enable_home_db = false;
    $num_vipdbs = 0;
    //$shardb_master_read = 99;
    $shardb_local_db = true;
    add_slave(1, ‘’, ‘’, USER***, PASS***);

    Many thanks for any comments/suggestions!

  4. michael

    Forgot to subscribe via email.

  5. Mohini Bisht

    dear sir, i’m using free hosting service which allows only 50 mb per database.

    can i use multiple databases for my blog.
    so that if one gets filled, other will be automatically start filling by the posts.

    • Mohini Bisht

      if so, how to do that?

  6. Scott

    Hi Ron,
    Do you have a script to partition an existing DB in multiple DB’s?

  7. Ron

    I’ll be adding that with the 3.0 update.

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