Post Gallery Widget

I developed the Post Gallery Widget plugin in collaboration with the CUNY Academic Commons. This plugin adds a Gallery Posts menu to your WordPress dashboard. To add content to the rotating gallery:

  1. Add a new Gallery Post for each image/headline to be shown in the rotating gallery
  2. Attach one or more images to the gallery post by uploading the image(s) with the media uploader while editing the post
  3. Enter the title & content that you would like to overlay the image
  4. Publish the post(s)
  5. Add the Rotating Post Gallery widget to widget area on your home page
  6. Enter the number of Posts to rotate in the gallery (default = All).
  7. Choose the size of image to display in the gallery (based on your Media Settings)

When multiple images are attached to a Gallery Post one of the images is randomly selected to be shown on each page view. This widget will replace the rotating gallery currently on the Academic Commons home page.


About Ron

Homeschooling dad of 4 (ages 27 - 14), grampy to 3, WordPress core contributor, former farmboy & software developer by profession.


  1. hey guys, just trying to understand this. the demo is what I can see on: those images under the header?

    the plugin is not meant to make the title clickable, right? you can only click on links inside the text that is used to overlay, right?

    • Right, the title isn’t clickable. The gallery post itself is not accessible from the front end in the latest version. I accidentally included rewrites in the earlier version. You can leave the title empty so that no title shows on the front end.

      • thanks for clarifying. I was looking to implement something like a picture of the day, not quite sure how to do this bets… need a link to the full size pic, where I can display exif data…

        was considering this plugin as an option but I guess I can manually do it too…

      • You say “Add a new Gallery Post for each image/headline to be shown in the rotating gallery” .. what do you mean by add a new gallery post… for the first step.. what do I click on to add a new gallery post?


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