Newest Blogs widget

Today’s post brings you a little goodie. I looked for this before and couldn’t find one. Basically, it’s pretty simple: we used a function included with the List All redux (1227) plugin , and made it a widget with the new widget class for 2.8.

New Members Widget (900)

Available to anyone on the system, it shows a linked list of the last ten public blogs created on the site. You’ll also need a copy of List All redux (1227) for this to work, or you’ll get a nasty WSOD at best, or unusable widgets at worst. Especially if you try this on 2.7 with the old widget method. (see my build a blank widget for widgets before 2.8)

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  1. Just an fyi.
    the download link for your widget goes to a page that says…
    Sorry, the page your requested could not be found, or no longer exists.