Bulk Import Users

I had a few requests to update the Bulk Import Members plugin, so that it did not require BuddyPress to be installed and that it work with WordPress MU 2.8.6. Other changes:

  • it now goes in the plugins folder & activates sitewide. The only users who have access to the plugin are site admins.
  • it is now MU site aware and users are added to the dashboard blog if the WPMU site has one, otherwise they are added to the main blog of the site.
  • there is an option to add the users to the current blog instead of the dashboard/main blog of the site.
  • users are added at the default user level set in the site options.
  • I tested it with WPMU Default User Role plugin and it worked like a charm.

WordPress MU Bulk Import Users (897)

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  1. Thank you Ron. I will be checking this out for a new project. Cheers.

  2. Hi Ron: thanks for releasing this. I’m trying to get my head around two things.

    First, I can’t really tell how this plugin is different than DD Import Users?

    And, second, I’m curious to know if there’s any way to tweak this so that it reads a WPMu user list before creating the new accounts… we (and several other colleges using WPMu) would like to be able to bulk register large lists of users for individual blogs, some of whom have accounts, some of whom don’t. It would be ideal to be able to have a plugin that recognized an email address that was already affiliated with an account, and added that user account to the blog, and then created new accounts for those individuals who didn’t have them. Currently, you have search the Users list for the email address and it’s affiliated username, and add those individually… (or have users add themselves via the “Add Users” widget.

    Any thoughts on this? Thanks!