1. Patung

    Nothing outputs with the widget

    • Ron

      Are you sure you have the latest version installed?

      • I realised later, it hasn’t created the table in the database, that’s the problem.

        • Ron

          If you are running a network, delete the ra_ rows from the site meta. If it’s a single site, remove them from the options table.

  2. Thanks Ron for the update, keep it up.

  3. Still shows the wrong avatar for me on the front end and now no avatar on the backend, it shows my avatar on front end, the super admin, and not the author of the post’s.

    In Table: wp_featuredposts feature_username is correct – let’s says it’s ‘Bill’, the author of the post. I wonder if it’s because ‘Bill’ is his *display name* and first name and that his username is actually something different, like billsmith? So it can’t match ‘Bill’ up with billsmith so it defaults to me, the admin?

    • Ron

      Avatars use the user’s email address to generate the avatar url.

  4. Right, but in the table there’s no info for the author’s email, just his name, so how does it know which email/avatar to show?

    • Ron

      The plugin pulls the posts from an RSS feed that you provide. RSS feeds do not include the author email address(es).

  5. Hello,

    I have installed the featured posts plugin. I have repeatedly tried to install the update to 2.8.2, and the installer says it deletes the old version and successfully installs the new one. However, when I go back to my plugins page, it still shows version 1.0. I’m using WP 3.0. Please let me know what I am missing.

    • Ron

      Install the latest version. I made a minor change to the readme to fix that earlier this week.

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