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Users adding users in WPMU 2.7

WordPressMU 2.7 isn’t out yet*, but Ron & I have been running the trunk both locally and on a small site in development. A handy new feature is built right in.

Before, if a user wanted to add another user to their blog, they had to be directed to the signup page, go through the motions there, and then wait for the blog owner to “Add user from Community”. What a process! It confuses a lot of newbies.

In 2.7, by default this is turned off. If you do select “Add New User” under the User menu, it has a * next to it and will redirect the site Admin to the Site Admin Options menu where they can enable this. “Allow blog administrators to add new users to their blog via the Users->Add New page.” is what it says.

So if you’ve been struggling with this, or have been waiting for better versions of any of the “add user to blog” widgets out there, it will definitely be easier come release day.

* Note: I know many people are waiting impatiently for the official WPMU 2.7 version. Want it out faster? Grab a copy out of trac and test it locally or on a development site. File bug tickets if you find any. Keep in mind there’s only ONE developer working on it.


  1. Are there going to be any updates to plugin management? IMO, that section is a big pile of FAIL.

    Love WPMU!

  2. I’m working with a partner on a new WPMU site and just found your blog. I’m thrilled to have such great information and will be combing the archives.

  3. Andrea, this is now becoming more interesting for me to learn about WPMU. May be I can use it for my new project in wordpress.

  4. This is very interesting and I am surely going to use it on my future projects. Hope it will not have much changes in plugin management

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