by andrea

Get some FREE themes from the $5 theme club

Small potatoes is crazy. Seriously. He’s giving away some $5 theme club memberships so site owners like myself can run whatever kind of contest we like.

So here’s the deal – want a membership? Subscribe to my feed for this blog and leave me a comment. That’s it. I’ve got 50 accounts to give away and we’ll go until I run out.

I wrote about the $5 theme club back here.

UPDATE: this went belly-up months ago and is now closed, so I’m closing the comments.


  1. I am in!

    They looked like great themes. By the way. Still a few quirks, but I finished my rebuild, and made my own magazine style up. To maintain my bad taste ( : ) ) I used gradients, but overall the experience is a lot less in your face, and lot more information.

    Your pluggin and SimplePie are the saviors. Now I might be able to say the same thing about the $5 dollar club.

  2. tulgaa

    Hi Andrea, Please count me in. I’m a regular reader of your blog.

  3. emile

    hello i’m interessted by this offer
    thanks from france

  4. Hey Andrea,
    Sounds great. I have been checking your blog daily.

  5. Andrea,
    Thank you for the “deal”. Really great of you and to do this.

    Thanks again, and keep up the great work!

  6. italways

    I look forward to checking it out, pls count me in, thanks a lot!

  7. I’d like to have a membership as well please. More interested in what the licensing is for these themes and if I can push these out to our clients.

  8. infoclipper

    I can has themez?

    Just stumbled across your site today from a post you made on the WPMU forums, and it’s already paying off! Thanks!! 🙂

    Former homeschool student (back when it was illegal here!)

  9. Gary

    Subscribed to your feed.
    Sure looks like a generous gesture from his side 🙂

  10. Tom

    Subscribed with joy but I’ll take the bonus prize as well (if there are any left).

    got here from bavatuesdays

  11. ciepiel


    count me in 🙂

  12. I’ll gladly take a membership. Glad I found this site. Good stuff.

  13. George

    Anymore membership?

  14. Looks like we have a change in ownership.

  15. OMG this site keeps getting better and better, can I get one still?

  16. hi o/
    count me in, please

  17. I’m in!
    This is my first comment here though I am a regular visitor.
    Thanks to you, I have a couple of WP MU sites up and running.
    You are awesome! 😀
    So, any memberships left?

  18. sam

    thanks for the ur tutorials

  19. Kimberly

    Thanks for the offer. I new to the site and have been reading through everything.

  20. Kimberly

    Subscribed to your feed are there any accounts left?

  21. Just diving into WP-MU template development, this will help greatly.

    Subscribed and thanks for the great offer.

  22. It’s a pity that they haven’t released any themes since they announced this. Oh well….

  23. Wow, I am in!
    Great deal.
    Sorry if this is a bit late but only saw 23 responses so thought I might be in for a chance.


  24. Count me as well please

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