Upgrading to 3.0

Our buddy Pete went and wrote up a very detailed post on how to upgrade from WPMU to WordPress 3.0 if you are brave enough right now to try out the beta2. Pete steps through it manually, so be prepared for that. (and backup your site first).

These instructions will still be relevant for the final release. The only difference is when the release is final, you will get an upgrade notice.

Thanks, Pete! Writing that post was on my list. :D

(Did you get the part about backing up first?)

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  1. I want to upgrade my old version 2.0 of wordpress to mu. Pls let me know easy steps to do that. And which shared hosting is best for more than 9000 users?

  2. Where do I put the plugins that were originally in the wpmu plugins folder?

    • You keep them in the mu-plugins folder. Support for that in single WP has been there since WordPress 2.7.

      If the folder doesn’t exist, create it.

  3. Does it mean end of WPMU? What about upgrade – is there any chance of one click upgrades in future?

    • The development of WordPress MU stopped at version 2.9.2. Once WordPress 3.0 is released, you will get a notification in your admin area that an upgrade is available. The upgrade from MU to WordPress 3.0 will process like previous MU upgrades.

  4. I tried out the 3.0 Beta (on a non production web site of course) but I couldn’t figure out how to get multi-user working, but I hadn’t seen these instructions yet, thanks.
    I can’t wait for the final release, any day now…