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  1. great job.

    been planning to do this for quite a while but this gave me the perfect push. thanks a lot!

  2. small error in the css file:

    /* Custom Login Styles */

    h1 a {
    background:url(../wp-content/mu-plugins/custom-login/logo.jpg) no-repeat;


    should be

    /* Custom Login Styles */

    h1 a {
    background:url(/wp-content/mu-plugins/custom-login/logo.jpg) no-repeat;


  3. Great plugin Andrea, thanks for repackaging it for 2.7:)

  4. That was a great idea Andrea, nice work!

    Milo showed me this link, I’ve added it onto the post at Pro Blog Design now. Thanks for the linking to me in the first place! :)

  5. Very helpful, I totally forgot about this plugin. Thanks for hacking it for 2.7!

  6. great plugin ;) vey thanks Andrea.

  7. great job!

    thanks for this plugin

  8. I am getting a 404 error when I try to download this.

  9. Unable to download, got 404 error

  10. I’ve fixed the download issue.

  11. George says:

    Thanks for fixing the download.

  12. Thanks for this plugin, it should make changing logos very easy. But…

    Is it compatible with WPMU 2.7.1? I uploaded it to my mu-plugins folder and nothing has happened. No errors, no new logo, it’s like it’s not there. If placed in the regular plugins folder i can activate it, but it doesn’t do anything.

    ~ Flynn

  13. For me also nothing happens
    .-= vijay´s last blog ..Easy Cooking Flash Flash =-.

  14. syamsul says:

    Hi, I hope you’ll get around to updating this for WPMU 2.8.1 soon! :)

    • Should work fine on the latest version, as nothing was changed in that area of the core. :) If you’re having an issue getting it running, let me know.

  15. Hello,

    Thanks for this custom login screen look, works perfectly with 2.8.1. I’ve got a question regarding custom authentication:
    according to the docs, wp has a hook “wp_authenticate”: “Runs to authenticate a user when they log in. Action function arguments: array with user name and password”, so in theory I could write some function to check if user exists in our local system. Q: does it run before or after wp runs its own authentication?
    Docs say it accepts array with username and password, but only username is passed.
    Is there a way to check our internal system BEFORE wp authentication using only plugins and not modifying/replacing original wpmu files (wp-login/wp-signup etc)?

  16. Uh, my bad, everything’s fine now, had to define 2 args for “action function”. Afterwards everything seems to be OK.

  17. I too cannot get this to work. I confirmed the file hierarchy is as described, and tried it with and without Ovidiu’s CSS edit. Still, the default WP logo appears on the login screen.

    I’m running WPMU 2.8.2. Any thoughts?
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    • Change the background image url in your custom-login.css like:

      background: url(logo.jpg) no-repeat …

      There is no need to include the directory there as CSS looks in its own directory if none is defined. Then it should work.

      • Thanks to all for your inputs :-)

        This worked for me after making the change Harvey proposed above, and using 2.8.4a

  18. great work! It worked like a charm for me and also allowed me to add some custom text to the login screen. I wanted to have a Policy Statement displayed on every login and this allowed me to do also. Thanks x 2

  19. unfortunately I cannot get this to work for me – am on 2.8.4a and have tried all the little suggested work arounds as mentioned above.

    We were previously using a plugin provided by James at WPMUdev but that didn’t seem to work – hence trying this one out (which incidentally I already prefer the look of!)

    I can’t really help much more with what is wrong as there’s no errors, no nothing showing up!

    Currently my CSS file reads:

    /* Custom Login Styles */

    h1 a {
    background:url(/wp-content/mu-plugins/custom-login/logo.png) no-repeat;


    I tried it with

    /* Custom Login Styles */

    h1 a {
    background:url(ogo.png) no-repeat;


    Could it be because I’ve changed the file to logo.png?

    Cheers for any help


    • This part:

      “h1 a {
      background:url(/wp-content/mu-plugins/custom-login/logo.png) no-repeat;


      This is a problem. You need to put the full path to the image here, with the http://, as if you were going to link to it directly.

      • Thanks Andrea – i’ve literally only just got around to doing this. Been so busy!

        Works a treat now :)

  20. Just ran across this. Is it valid for 2.9.2?

  21. Jay Collier says:

    With the CSS change — removing the .. from the URL (see early comment) — this is working great for me with 3.0 multisite.

    Thank you!

  22. How would you change this to make it work with the standard version of wp 3.0.1?

    • See the comment above yours – it works in 3.0. Also see the FIRST comment on this page with a teeny css fix.

      There’s absolutely no technical reason for this not to work on 3.0 and later – the process is the exact same.

    • you’d use the original version of the plugin that is in the repo.