My name is Andrea, and you may have seen me around the forums. I’ve been involved with MU since February, 2006 and with WordPress for at least a year before that. I’ve been blogging since 1999. My first MU setup (and baby) is Homeschooljournal.net, a free blogging site and community for homeschoolers. I learned a lot from that, and yes, from a lot of mistakes as well.

Although I may look like a mild-mannered housewife and mom of 4, I come from a computing background, starting with that Vic-20 my grandpa bought me. I like to tell people I have half a degree in programming, because I quit partway through and got my Mrs. degree instead. The truth is I am better at theory and documentation. I am also queen of cut and paste, and I like to try things just to see what happens. (At least I know my limits. ;)) I also really like to help people.

Over the years, I helped my husband Ron with his computer consulting business. He’s a programmer by trade, he’s also been a network specialist, webmaster, database analyst and sysadmin. I learned through osmosis. I’ve also taught myself HTML, CSS, and now some SQL and PHP.

We both work together as WordPress freelancers, and try to give back to the community as much as possible. You can check out our WordPress.org profiles here Ron and Andrea, to see our contributions. Also, feel free to follow us on twitter, we hang out there a lot. Ron’s twitter Andrea’s twitter

Have we helped you out and you want to do something nice for us? You can always donate, pick something from our amazon wishlist (Amazon.com
Amazon.ca), or even buy one of our WordPress ebooks/plugins.

Totally appreciated. 🙂


  1. Great blog.. Helped me a lot in setting up my WordPress MU site..

    Keep posting.. Is there anyway i can donate?

    Lemme know thanks

  2. Hi, great idea for a site, tell me if u want contributions in the form of advice, tutorials, articles, code snippets or whatever that might further the cause!

  3. Hey Andrea, im wondering if you could write a smal quide on how to use the multi-site manager plugin found on wpmudev.org, im getting stuck on the “path” part..

    Best regards from sweden!

  4. Hi,

    Just came across your site and have decided to change the blog to use WPMU. Only problem is I am very short of time due to a overload of work with my ecommerce company and so wanted to pay someone to work on the project with me. Would you be able to do a post about me looking for someone. If you can that would be much appreciated. If not no problem and I will continue to read your blog and hopefully learn a few things along the way.



  5. Luca Telloli

    I developed a widget version of your list-all-blogs plugin for wordpress. Contact me if you’re interested and want the source.


  6. Question-
    How do I find deffinitions of users for MU? Functions and purpose for user types.

  7. Hi andrea, Im entering in the world of MU and Im fascinated about the possibilities. I saw your first project and Im starting to became a fan of you… Im planning open a company in Brazil (where I live) to create blogs network solutions. Its a great field and Im loving and growing ideas…

    Im thinking in have some consulting. Would be possible with the distance?

    Success for you… you deserve…

  8. Edy

    Hi Andrea

    I found your site on darren’s site. I just know about wp mu from your site. I’m newbie about wp mu. I’m using for my several site and not familiar about wp mu.

    Who is wp mu ideal for?
    is it a good tool to build article site?

    Thank you.

  9. I tried self to launch WPMU.. but failed …This site helps me lots to setup my wpmu site..

    I want to know how to upgrade wp wp 2.7.1 in our blogs..

    how to create a bar in top of all all blogs…
    like blogger… or this site http://coolblogz.com
    see in top

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  10. Sharalee

    Thank you for the really great website. I find your articles and tutorials valuable, easy to understand and very, very helpful!

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