Recovery Break

Heretofore Andrea & I have avoided posting personal posts on this site. I’m making an exception in this case to ask for some short term assistance. I am going to be having surgery tomorrow. Full recovery time is going to be somewhere between 2 and 3 months. The surgeon asked me to take 2 weeks […]

Domain Mapping for WP 3.5

The development version of Domain Mapping is ready for testing with installs where WordPress is installed in its own folder. The development version also has a number of warnings fixed in it. The required WP version has been updated to 3.1. The development version above has had no feature changes.

Delete spam from all blogs

Boone has a nice snippet to toss in mu-plugins to safely delete spam across all network blogs. Please note this is more for intermediate site admins.

Add a global menu to your network

About a year and a half ago I released the Network Wide Menu. Tonight, I made the network wide menu available on github. When I released it there were quite a few people hoping that it added/output a new menu on the sub sites. I’ve written a bit of code that allows you to do […]

Adopt a plugin or 7

My profile on has almost 30 plugins listed. I wrote (or contributed to) some of these to fill a vacancy (at the time) in basic functionality available in the community. There are others that I wrote as part of a development project. There are several that we have never used on our sites. Over […]

Super Cache and extra goodies

Donncha has updated WP Super Cache again and has quite a long post about it. One thing that stood out for me is that if you are using it in multisite you can disable specific blogs from being cached. Whoa. Nice one!

How to make a theme demo site

One thing I get asked occasionally, which is really easy to do, is how do you make a theme demo site? Maybe you’re getting into the premium theme business (jump in, just do something different ), maybe you have a bunch of pro / developer packages and just want a white label site for your […]

Updates for WordPress 3.3

I’ve updated the development version of both Domain Mapping and Sitewide Tags. The update to domain mapping has a few warnings fixed & addresses the issue of saving the settings in WP 3.3. The update to Sitewide tags has a few fixes. If you were having an issue with SWT adding duplicate categories, can you […]

Multisite upload limit bug in 3.3

Turns out there’s a wee bug in multisite in 3.3 with the upload limits. If you;re limiting upload space on user’s sites, it gets stuck at 50mb. Patch is here in the meantime.

Multisite in the wild

How many multisite installs are out there, anyway? In a recent forum post unrelated to multisite but using those numbers for comparison, Jane gave some numbers: We can’t really get very accurate stats, because we only know about *installs* that phone home, not number of users on each one who might need the multisite menus. […]