In February of 2008, WPMU Tutorials blog was created to help pass on information learned about WordPress MU. Focusing on the how-to for both new users and more experienced developers, it quickly became a go-to source for WordPress Multi site information.

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Since the merge of WordPress and WordPress MU, WordPress has supported running multiple WP networks in the same WP install. This site has been part of a multi-network install for more than two years. In WordPress, the networks are almost completely separated so we can......

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Our larger WordPress MU install, Homeschool Journal has been running on multiple databases for about 3 years. Technically, it's possible to have thousands of blogs in a single database install. Usually where people running MU start to have issues with the number of blogs is......

Since WordPress 3.0 was released we've had quite a few inquiries about the possibility of having the same menu across a network. This morning I had a bit of time to pull together a small plugin that accomplishes that. Basically what it does is cache......

Sometimes in a WordPress network, you may wish to have a theme enabled just for one site, and restrict access to this theme by other sites. The main blog is a good example, because you do not want users able to choose the exact same......